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This article is for awareness and to spread knowledge about the consequences of lousy healthcare. It targets the Moroccan community as most of my followers are Moroccans, and a specific hospital in Morocco to expose their lousy treatment of patients so that people can avoid going there for their health's sake.

I am not comparing Morocco with Europe, I am just sharing a piece of information that can stand against corruption, but if you don't agree with it and you still mix promoting corruption with loving the country, I give you two seconds to leave this article.

Savage? yeah, I know!


The surgeon from Ibn Rochd made a C-section to remove a cyst (he could do it with Laparoscopy surgery) but he removed the cyst and my fallopian tube without my permission or telling me about it, which also caused a severe infection to my organs. On the other hand, the way they treat people in that hospital is horrible and a total mess.


I am writing this article after 7 days of having an urgent surgery due to 6 years of accumulated side effects of previous surgery (yep 6 years and many more). It is important for females more than for men, but still, if you are a man and you want to get some knowledge so you can help females that you know, yeah, sure, why not!

You may wonder why can't I simply sue them and get compensated, but will they ever be able to compensate my loss? or the years that I spent being sick? Moreover, will it lead to any result with the corruption that we have in our beloved country Morocco!

I was a 19-year-old IT student trying to get some home exams done on my computer until I felt some kind of weird pain in the left side of my belly that blocked my movement, I spent the whole Saturday awake trying to bear with the pain, thinking that it's just the tax that we pay by being girls (aka period pain), but then the pain became unbearable so I asked to be taken to the emergency.

The story

Please be prepared to read about one of the scenarios that can be used to make a SAW 9 movie. I ended up in Ibn Rochd hospital (Most Moroccans call it Morizgo), they kept me in pain for almost 3h until a young assistant appeared after hearing my screams, he asked about the pain and then injected a needle of paracetamol so I could feel relieved for some time.

That man was like one of the few angels in that hospital; because he went immediately to an old woman who had a lot of blood on her nose begging for meds, the lady was on the floor crying out of the pain, she was saying "Please! I am begging you I need meds and I have cancer", the assistant couldn't help but to apologize because it was not something in his hands and took her in his arms gently to put her on a chair, and then asked for some meds for her.

Now that you know that there's still some hope in humanity, let's get back to the main subject; I kept waiting and no one gave me a clue of what I should do or who I should see, after several hours the pain came back to torture me and again the young assistant appeared to help me, then he asked extra questions and went to ask an ego-ish doctor to examine me, obviously she rejected because she had more important stuff to talk about, like her shopping list and her little kid who just learned to say some words, the assistant kept insisting that she should examine me because I was not in a good shape at all and then she agreed.

The way she looked at me was already disgusting, she asked a couple of questions and then signed papers so I can get an echography, imagine that I was dying of pain yet I had to go a few kilometers to get an ultrasound, with no ambulance or just a chair to help the situation, I was walking in 2.5 seconds because of the pain but I could finally get there, and again I had to wait for a couple of hours, then another woman showed up and asked me to go to a room, she started doing her job and she wrote a report so I can give to the ego-ish doctor.

Another time on my feet at a low speed so I could go to see the doctor, and surprise! the lady made an error in the report that can get my womb removed (with this mistake I become a barren), the doctor had so much ego but at least she cared a bit at this moment and asked me to go back again and ask the other doctor to correct the report; That was that we corrected the report and then we headed back to the hospital where the fun will begin.

With the common protocol of waiting, I stayed for a couple of hours bearing my pain, and finally, I got to talk to the doctor with the help of the assistant, as usual, she explained that I had a cyst that is away from my ovary and the fallopian tubes (save this sentence because it will be needed) and they will try to give me some meds so it can go with no surgery; again that was that, they put me in a room full of pregnant ladies and all of them screaming, I didn't know back then about what happens to pregnant women when they go to the hospital, but all I knew they didn't deserve that treatment.

Imagine in a single room with few beds, where there are two, three, or four women sharing the same little bed, screaming in pain, begging for a word from the doctors, some women see their water break and they don't know what to do, others having a miscarriage, and the young nurses standing in a shock of what they see! I heard a woman bearing her pain saying to the nurse "Please take this girl to the other side of the room, she is too young and she shouldn't see this!" so the nurse did and I was sharing the bed with another woman.

The odd thing about this is that I was not allowed to see anyone in my family just to let them know what is going on since my phone died and my family was not aware of my situation or my sickness. They started injecting some meds that I don't know (without making analysis about if I had allergies), I felt too weak after those meds, and then I asked the nurse (she was young and apparently, young nurses there were so nice than old ones) to help me walk to the toilet, right after I stood all I heard was the scream of the nurse mixed with a lot of whistling in my ears and I didn't know what happened.

It turned out that I fainted, and I woke up to see a lot of doctors talking; one of them telling me "don't be scared you just fainted" and I see the other one pressing so bad on the glucose so it can go fast in my veins; After this, I had no stamina left so I slept without even trying. I woke up in the morning with no pain but I was just so weak, they kept pumping glucose in my veins and they didn't allow me to eat, after several hours an old nurse will come and start screaming at my face and pull me so hard and say "you are fine let's go to the visitor's room", I was trying to walk because I was too weak and she was shouting in my face all the way long, "stop pretending to be sick and walk faster"…

All of a sudden the assistant will appear in shock and will address her: "What are you doing, she can't walk and she can't go to the visitor's room, can't you see how sick she is?" then he asks her to do something else and that he will manage, he wanted to take me back to the room but I asked him to let me see my parents, so he helped me even though people were telling him it's not allowed, so I saw my parents and told them what is going on and I ate a bit to get some power, suddenly one of the devil nurses will appear and take me back start shouting at my mom, my parents didn't know what to do since the hospital is not allowing me to go out as if I committed a crime so they kept waiting.

The other day, the assistant will appear and will take me to another room; fortunately, this time he put me in a wheelchair as I was way too weak to walk, they will allow my family to see me and they told them that I will be leaving the hospital soon (aka sending me to meet Jesus), but they kept me for several days where a senior doctor comes with a group of students, he looks at me in disgust and then starts talking about my case, also stabs my honor just because I am a young single girl who has a cyst that has symptoms close to pregnancy (what a knowledgeable doctor).

I started getting weaker day after a day, and if I stand I faint immediately; the senior doctor will order them to prepare me for the operation room, without providing any piece of information about what are they going to do, what kind of surgeries I will have! NOTHING. I was not fully conscious but I could hear the young assistant arguing with the surgeon that they cannot do a C-section because I was too young for such operation and I wouldn't recover fast, and even worse the surgeon wanted to operate vertically (this is worse because if I grow a belly I will have a nasty scar on my body) and I could hear the assistant arguing so bad about that as well.

On the way, I heard women screaming out of pain during their delivery (the process of giving birth), which was normal, but it was awkward to hear the doctors and nurses insulting them just because they are acting like human beings. They asked me to remove my clothes, my mom previously removed my gold jewelry when I met her and she informed me that they might be stolen by nurses, it is just weird that you can get robbed in a "hospital" … I stayed naked in the operation room, it was really cold, and in that situation, you get confused about being cold but not being able to move to calm your pain a bit, yet you have to deal with the fact that you are naked there and some doctors and nurses pass through the room and stare at your body suspiciously … Yes, I mean that look, you know exactly what I am talking about.

I stayed there until a doctor came and shouted "open your legs", girl are you obsessed or what? do you think this is 365 days or fifty shades of grey? even if I have to open my legs you have to say it respectfully! then she put a pipe in my genitals and it was painful that I can say the whole hospital heard me screaming out of pain with her telling me to shut up! immediately an Anesthetist will come to do his job, he asked me to sit and not move because if I moved I could become paralyzed, Oh well impressive things to hear in that situation and that age! He had injected three needles into my back but at the second one my leg moved and it was not something that I consciously ordered my brain to do, but he asked me to stay calm and not move until it is all done.

Right after the "hero" surgeon will come and I am sleeping on my back but still awake, they asked me if I can move my body and I answer yes I still can move even though my legs were warm (which means that the anesthesia is still not fully effective), but he wouldn't care much and start doing a C-section and I could feel him opening my belly so I was crying and moving, and the comedian (the surgeon I mean) will ask me to not move because he will end up (not might but will) hurting me more (Excuse me!!!)

Excuse me meme

I couldn't help and I kept moving and crying, that was not me but my brain doing its job as a survival component by sending signals to my nerves because I am being tortured, after a few minutes the anesthetic will be asked to give me a needle so I could sleep, and I slept during the operation not feeling or hearing anything; The operation had finished and they had to wake me up, the anesthetic was pounding on my forehead and when I opened my eyes he said "what's the number that you see?", I said "Uhh three!" and he was like: "Oh yeah she's fine!" … then the surgeon will show me a ball full of blood and will say: "this is the cyst that was causing you pain and we removed it", therefore, all doctors and nurses will leave the room leaving me in a damn cold room, not fully awake, and I was too numb so I could call someone for help.

My mom kept asking about the state of the operation and they will tell her that it was done "successfully" but I am still in the operation room; and let me explain the bold sentence, it means: "You need to bribe us or we will let her there" so my mother was obliged to give the nurse money so she could wash my blood and put some clothes on me. They took me to a shared room where there are multiple patients, and they allowed my family to visit me but I was too tired and numb that I cannot even talk so I was just, looking at their faces, my mom asked if she could stay with me during the night but you know that protocol of "bribe us if you want a yes", at this point you don't know why you are exactly paying the hospital when you have to keep bribing the nurses, and they are not even doing their job properly!

The nurses placed a needle in my arm in order to give me medications and it what's technically known as Intravenous therapy, but the problem that they left it in my arm for too long even after I begged them to remove it, because the color of my arm turned to blue and it was very painful that you cannot really bear with it, I had some food next to me as you know that is what a Moroccan family will bring to hospital (they bring everything except for their emotional support duh! or at least that is just how they express it), a nurse will come and ask me if she can take the food, it's a funny thing that she asked me despite the fact that she knows that I am not even in a situation where I can move my mouth, but the problem in this is that I know that if for some other reason I reject her request, she would treat me like Shit as if I was junk, she already did when she had to give me some medications as she was causing me pain with every action she took.

In the morning I felt too much pain because the effect of the anesthesia is gone, in such case they should have given me pain killers but instead a nurse will come to remove the pipe (In the EU they use a balloon and fill it with water .. so no pain) that I previously mentioned, and oh my god! I was already in too much pain but I wish if I was dead at that moment, because the huge amount of pain that I felt cannot be described in words, and I had no stamina to scream I just could feel my heart reacting in a weird state that cut my breath as my tears couldn't stay more in my eyes, BUT! it is not going to stop here … she will bring a needle and take it up to the sky and then inject it in my belly, also adding to this her unique way of pulling bandages that makes you feel as if your skin was removed with it.

She leaves after that like nothing happened … and nobody is there to help you with anything, I remember that I wanted to go to the toilet but I couldn't get up and I was so scared to faint, this required one of my friends to leave her work for a visit and she came to help me, and from time to time my family come to feed me or help me to walk a bit, because after that operation I couldn't even stand or walk without fainting, after just a couple of steps you feel like your body is getting colder and colder then your ears start whisteling and you become so weak that you go unconscious immediately… also as I am a righty I couldn't depend on my right hand with the needle in it, Uhh god damn I couldn't even open a bottle of water …

I stayed under torture for couple of days until they made a decision that I could finally leave the hospital, the happiness I felt after hearing about it was the same after I got a visa, but the odd thing about all this; they didn't give us a full report about what was done, so my mom kept searching for that cringy doctor and he was going so fast (I was not able to walk fast), my mom followed him and he was so ego-ish and said: "Don't talk to me now, I have no time for you I gotta catch up my plane" (my Moroccan side be like: Emmm russi ntaya weld puhhtin, emm meskine!) so my mom asked him what did he do and if the sickness will ever comeback, he was talking about me as if I was a piece of paper, “Ah you are the girl who got operated on to remove one of the fallopian tubes removed” my mom was totally shocked…

Wait a minute! I didn't sign up for this, I came for a cyst removal and the report didn't mention a single thing about fallopian tube being removed! my mom gathered her strength and asked him: "can she still get pregnant in the future" He answered: "Ah yes no problem" and went in a hurry … back then I was not in the full context of my sickness or what happened due to my young age so I didn't bother by asking more about what happened and I thought it was over back then … Since that day, I've never felt the same as before, being sick all the time, trying to bear with it, but then I thought about it and I was like maybe this is related to age and I am growing up! so I should live it and find solutions! so I had to go back to the training center to complete my course to get my diploma that year, as I couldn't accept the idea of failing because of a stupid surgery especially when your field is IT (I mean you can study at home).

The doctor gave me 15 days off school! Honestly, I am not sure if he studied to become a doctor, I think he bought a Surgeon degree to come and work as a butcher in that hospital, because in my case with a C-section I had to get a month off school, not to mention that pregnant women who get the same type of operation get three months in maternity leave. I went to the center in a miserable condition unable to walk properly, feeling the surgical thread pulling on my skin up and down, and with all this, the responsible of the training center will kick me out as I should consider that this year is done for me because I was not present in the last month although I provided the reason of absence with a proof from the doctor (I think I am not the only sick person here because my dad notified him and he said that my absence is no problem as long as there's a proof).

I went back to the classroom angry but I couldn't express my anger because I only had the energy to walk incorrectly, then the teacher will see me in the classroom and will ask me to come to his office, like for real man! I could barely walk so my classmates started removing whatever thing in my way, so when he saw that he approached me and said "what's going on? where were you in the last month?", I explained that I had surgery and that now I got kicked out from the center, usually he is a harch teacher but at that a moment he said "just sit my daughter I will manage this", we could hear him screaming at the responsible's office about the dumb decision that he took against me, and just like that I got back to my studies … still some classmates that I used to help rejected sharing with me the courses that they studied when I was absent duh! thanks to the internet I played many youtube videos for nights, and I got my diploma with a good mark.

During the last 6 years

I never felt okay since the day of the surgery, I survived until today because I lived on pain killers; Since that day, I couldn't practice sports anymore, I started getting migraines for unknown reasons, and my period changed even though it was consistent, I used to tell my friends that I feel like I only live 15 days a month, because that's when I get to feel that I am alive a bit and I can do something, and the other 15 days I am just too weak suffering of migraines that I just need to sleep and do nothing more, I kept going to the doctors asking for help and describing in every possible word how I feel, but nobody could have a clue about what I had, so I decided to take an action as I needed my life back; Thus, whenever I feel like I am going to drown again in that disgusting state, I take painkillers so I can do what I want normally, otherwise I wouldn't even get a job or study or do anything with my life.

After 5 years

After I migrated to Belgium, my Georgian friend encouraged me to check my situation with the doctors again, especially since she saw that it was an issue that sometimes I would cancel an appointment at the last minute, this is a huge problem in the professional life as your company needs to be informed about such scenarios; if you are a Halsey fan you may consider watching her video talking about not the same but similar issues.

“And also, in what world would you ever have to call me to tell me that you were having a baby? But I have to call you because it impacts your product.” — Halsey from her last interview

For personal life; Even my colleagues at work kept advising me to take a look at it because I was too focused on my career, but it is really difficult to explain the trouble that you are in that made you choose to stay single, I mean just think about it; a man living his own life in peace and all of a sudden he will need to deal with too much drama (I feel so sorry for my man).

I kept going to doctors whenever I see something weird happening to my body, I gained 20+ kgs despite the fact that I would eat 1 meal a day, I suffered of migraines nearly everyday, and when I get my period I wish I was dead instead of living in such pain, I spent almost two years with doctors prescribing different pain killers and supplements hoping they work for me … that got on my nerves, because I could take pain killers without going to the doctor, so I changed my general practitioner and this time I chose Dr. Latha Van Roy, and I brought her every single paper she needed to check my case, she saw the report and told me "are you sure that doctor told you we can't perform a surgery? I am not a gynecologist but from what I see there's something wrong", I asked her to recommend some good doctors because I couldn't go the same way as before, so she did and I was waiting for the appointment date to come but in the 9th of June … I couldn't move from the bed and walk, it's the same pain again just like 6 years ago.

I went to the emergency and in such case, you'll strictly need someone to help you, they saw me in a state where I cannot sit, I cannot stand, I cannot walk, trying to not vomit, and because you are a girl the first thing they will think about it is pregnancy, oh come on! with those symptoms I should be carrying a monster, not a baby. They made a quick pregnancy test before injecting anything, and it came back negative at that point they became very suspicious but they started with paracetamol through my veins so I can feel relieved to talk about the issue, and a very nice doctor comes to start discussing with me how I got into this situation, I tried to give her every detail so she can understand how I was feeling, as I am talking she was taking notes very calmly.

After I felt better, I asked if I could eat something as I was starving but the doctor answered: "Nope! because we don't know what we will be doing after!" if you hear this sentence, be sure that your situation is not good at all and chances of getting surgery are quite high; After few minutes, the doctor came back to inform me that they are going to perform an IRM to get clear results and then a gynecologist will be in charge. It is just funny that they got all the analysis that I did in the last 2 years in a couple of minutes not even hours. The great part is that everything is clean, the doctors and nurses are nice, and you get a wheelchair and a nurse to make moving from one place to another very smooth.

Whatever, I went to the gynecologist after the IRM and he started discussing the results of the analysis; apparently, nothing was good but at least he tried to not make me feel miserable by knowing what is going on, he explained that they can't say if it's another cyst but he confirmed that there was something wrong with the other fallopian tube and surgery is required if I want to spend the rest of the year like a normal human being. He explained everything, issues, pros, cons, and alternative solutions if my organs are damaged, at that moment all I could ask for was good anesthesia so I wouldn't be traumatized again like in the previous surgery as it took me years to get over my fear of the needle, I also asked if there is an alternative for C-section and he checked with the surgeon and decided that they can perform Laparoscopic surgery first and try to fix the issue, otherwise they will have to perform C-section again.

The difference between both types of surgeries is that C-section is performed when the thing that doctors are trying to remove is too big (but there are exceptions), it's the same kind of operation they perform to get a baby outside of the mom's belly, but the issue with this surgery is that it leaves a significant scar, so if you care about having a Sportif body you should put in mind that some doctors won't care about that and you'll need to discuss it with them, also recovering from such operation takes too much time and sneezing, laughing, coughing, walking with no help will be hard tasks to achieve, as it leaves many side effects that you can google right now to enrich your dictionary about it. On the other hand, Laparoscopic surgery is mainly used for examination but it can also be used to remove cysts …etc the great thing about it is that it leaves almost no scars on your body, you can recover in a few days that it takes from 1–2 weeks to get back to normal, to know how it goes you can watch the following video.

That was that, everything was smooth and the doctors know what they are doing as they are very nice. They took me to the operations room, and then the surgeon and anesthetic came, introduced themselves and what they will be doing, they also started a little chit-chat to get to know me, I mean they don't get paid to do that but it still counts as it gets you comfortable, the great thing here is that you get to know every little detail so you don't get shocked, for example, the aesthetician informed me that she is going to press on my neck because it's required Nasotracheal intubation and when she did I was in another world, I literally felt nothing even after I woke up; I was covered in a warm bed and there was a nurse in front of me and she said "Here you are, the operation was successful. How are you feeling?" I was like a drugged person but I could say that I couldn't see very well because of a blurry vision, but she explained that it is just a side effect of the anesthesia and another nurse will come to take me to my room.

After they take you to a clean room (please let me mention the word clean), a couple of nurses keep checking on you and helping you with whatever thing you need, a nurse is a one-click way even if what you needed was a window closed, no complaints, no cringy face, no bad attitude, and the most important no torture. They kept giving me painkillers in the first two days so I could rest, as the surgeon came and explained that the previous surgery (the one I had in Ibn Rochd) caused a severe infection to a point that my bladder got stuck to my fallopian tube, so they fixed what they could fix in my organs but not completely, he didn't want to perform C-section (even though it was required) because he noticed that my other fallopian tube is missing, so they preferred trying a way to cure it even though the chances are low based on what they saw, but it will require a lot of sessions so basically I will spend the rest of 2022 in the hospital and 2023 recovering.

The fact that he didn't perform a C-section after noticing that one of the fallopian tubes is missing was a human act but a kind one, if you still don't understand why then follow up with me; The function of the fallopian tubes is to link the sperm and the egg so women can get pregnant, there are cases where one of them can be removed yet the other one compensates, but if both of them are missing then getting pregnant in the old fashioned way becomes a miracle, some women chose to remove fallopian tubes after having a specific number of kids as an alternative for contraception pills (or condoms for men), because removing such organ for a young woman is bad especially if she is interested in having kids, but it doesn't mean that she will become barren if the ovaries are okay, thanks to science and technology Vitro Fertilisation was invented to solve the problem, for more information about it you can watch the following video.


The surgeon from Ibn Rochd did really a bad job that costed me years of my life not being at my best physically, suffering from migraines and multiple types of pain, when all he had to do was to perform laparoscopic surgery and remove the cyst only, not to mention the mental damage caused by their treatment like being scared of a needle that I never dared to donate my blood. There were multiple things I learned from those surgeries, cysts are normal and they get developed by every woman but there are wrong habits that may lead to the extreme growth of cysts and they become harmful, for example, there is food to avoid, overweight …etc those are things to check with your doctor.

Furthermore, what I saw in Ibn Rochd hospital was horrible and the people in charge should really make a move, a lot of bribery and if you ever think about giving birth there, you should add to your dilemma that your baby might be stolen since security guards also get bribed to let people in. Not only that, the dirt is everywhere nothing is clean, you may need to sleep on other people's blood ..etc Whatever is it that made you get to the point to go to the hospital, please don’t go there and make sure to choose wisely with whom you'll trust your body.

Finally, you should know that doctors sometimes may not know how to take the proper action so you will have to be knowledgeable about your sickness so you can discuss it, as I usually say; You'll have to negotiate for your health/life, this includes learning more about your sickness not to only stick to the doctor words, because at the end a doctor is a medicine student who also needs to learn by experiencing stuff, yet it needs to be at a low cost so you won't have to spend the rest of your life trying to fix their mistakes.




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