Hello Bird!

Thursday morning at 4:30 seemed like a good time for an early bird to break out of the first cage, I kicked my mom’s belly too many times as an alert to let her know that it's time to try something new, like breathing for an example or screaming every night to make our neighbors pay for the days where they took my candies from my mom's hand.

The odds decided that I spend my first days in a town called Mediouna, it's already 5 am and I couldn't spend few extra minutes in that dark place, at that time they couldn't go to the hospital I mean I don't think there were hospitals at that time in that specific area, so they called one of our neighbors to do the doctor's job, but how dare they! she took one of my candies!

The old thief lady came and she was really in a hurry, yes she's a thief because she stole my candies! I didn't know back then if she wanted to save my mom's life because I almost killed her, or if she was mad at me because I made her wake up so early. The woman started the process of maternal birth but my mom couldn't let that make her miss her favorite movie, so she was holding the woman's hair while screaming and at the same time watching the TV.

Finally, I am out between the hands of my aunt who was in tears to see me, she took me naked to my dad and told him this is your daughter. Honestly, I didn't like this planet since the first day, it felt weird to see a lot of people that I don't know, please someone call the International Foundation for human rights because these people didn't respect an introverted person in this house, they keep taking me from one to another and give me kisses on my nose, on my cheeks on my belly, Oh how disgusting!




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Noura EL ALLAM 🐍

Noura EL ALLAM 🐍

I write what I needed to read in the past!