A painless way to suicide!

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In the middle of a panic attack where various ideas assault the stability of the brain, there are some suicidal thoughts that come in-between; This doesn't mean you are weak or all the negative things that you previously heard from cold-hearted people, but it just means that you've taken enough and now it is time to end all of it.

Suicide can come in multiple forms and you decide which one to take, it’s either you surrender and choose the wrong path straight forward to the afterlife whether you believe in it or not, or you decide to rise again from the ashes of your fears and wounds in order to give birth to the new you; a person who's invincible, powerful, and willing to live life to the maximum.

Giving up on your life is very easy but weak! because only a few people have the courage and strength to treat themselves in their worst, but why would you give up? can you afford to be called a loser? what makes you want to give up on your own life? is it someone that you loved and betrayed you? is it a diploma that you didn't get? is it the death of a loved one? or is it even poverty? …etc

If you list all the questions that you have in mind, none of them is a valid reason to embrace failure and cut your breath, but because you are not stable at that moment so you only see the easiest path to kill your thoughts but not yourself, that's because your brain is designed to keep you alive and once it stops doing its job as it should, then instantly you should remind it who's the boss here.

You are always in control over your thoughts with a little bit of effort, and it is normal to have some blurry visions sometimes where you cannot see the light at the end of the tunnel, so if you can't see it then make it! say what's the worst that can happen; your feelings are hurt because your husband, lover … whatever cheated on you, or because of a friend who betrayed you, then what? the time will heal your feelings and you should take the situation as a lesson to put some criteria on the people you choose to let in your life.

Well, it is not that, it's because you might fail your exams? then what? Einstein who's one of the greatest and most influential physicists of all time had failed many exams and not only that, but he also kept struggling at the school for years; Yet, the world only remembers who is he and not his failures, because failing multiple times shapes who you are, you should always learn from your failure and mistakes to be a better version of you.

But your parents or someone you love died and you are hurt and feel lonely? since you have such feelings, this indicates that you had wonderful parents and it is way better than having them alive but making you wish they were dead, not all individuals have good parents so here you were lucky enough to be raised by such great people. Thus, all you have to do is to wish they are happy wherever they are and be at your best to make them proud, and remember your mom or dad will never like to see you hurt, so live, achieve, and be memorable for their sake, do it for them!

But no you are poor and it makes you miserable? Well, kiddo, the vast majority of the rich people in the world have been there once in their life, and instead of telling you about a famous person I can tell you that in a day my bank account went from -500 $ to 15k $, not that it happened all of a sudden from nothing but I had to stand against my mom who wants me to get rich by marrying a rich man and work hard on my skills for several years, as I had few true friends helping me emotionally and financially, like for real the -500 $ was from a friend so I could go to school. It is never impossible to improve your situation, work hard but stay healthy and ask for help from people; believe it or not, there are still kind people on this planet who are willing to help you and get nothing in return, but why? because they were in that situation before and they know exactly how much you need their help.

A painless way to suicide is to survive and kill your gloomy thoughts, your pain, your vulnerabilities, and your fears, it is the pain that makes us want to stop existing just for a moment but under negativity, the moment might turn into forever! don’t stop your tears if you want to cry, just find a place where no one can hear you and scream louder till you feel that it’s all out, cry as much as you want until you get tired and fell asleep, but keep reminding yourself that you will keep breathing, existing, and show the world that you are a fighter who will never ever let a dark moment make him/her drown, you are still here because you were invulnerable and fearless when you were about to fade, it is now the time for a new decade for the newborn you, a person who is all up for life challenges no matter the complexity.




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